• Boarding School

Need a jump start to your training? Is it difficult to find the time to teach your dog, all you would like them to learn? Do you think to yourself, "I just don't have the patience, consistency, or knowledge"? Boarding School may be an option for you.

Boarding School is a 2 week (minimum) program. Your dog will come and stay on campus. During their stay, we will teach your dog the skills that are important to you and your family. Whether that is basic manners and skills, advanced skills training, potty training, or foundation skills for specialized activities. We customize the training to suit your needs, and your dogs learning style. 

For each week your dog is enrolled in Boarding School, you will receive 1 hour of private coaching with Kim. This is the time that you can learn all your dog has learned. 

Basic Boarding School starts at $600 per week.

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  • Private Coaching, Consulting & Training Sessions

Let us coach you, and assist you in reaching all your dog training goals. These 1 on 1 sessions are typically 1 hour, on campus. When your training goals dictate, we can meet off campus to improve on socialization, work with distractions, or just have some fun challenging training. Our goal is to train you, to train your dog!

Private coaching sessions are $60 per hour on campus.

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  • Day School

Want to kick start your dogs training? Have a puppy less than 6 months? No time for private sessions? Consider our Day School option. On designated days of the week, you can drop your dog off in the morning. They will receive several training sessions during the day. You then pick up your dog, in the evening. For every 5 days your dog is enrolled in Day School, you will receive 1 hour of private training, so you can learn all your dog has learned. 

Day School is $75 per day.

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  • Scent work or other specialized training

Whether you would like to try your hand at nose work, achieve your CGC, or you would like to utilize your dog as a therapy dog in hospitals, schools etc, contact us for specialized training options.

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"I can not express enough how amazing Kim is. She takes time with you and your dog. She is extremely knowledgeable and I highly recommend her for any and all of your dog training. We promise you will not be disappointed"   

-Brad and Amber Vauhn

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