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Kim Cerio

Kim Cerio began training dogs, professionally, in 1999. At this time, she worked at a boarding and training facility north of Chicago. During her 2 years there, she had the opportunity to train 6-8 dogs per day, 6 days a week. This was an incredible opportunity to be exposed to dogs of different temperments, breeds, sizes and ages. 

At this time, Kim has participated in many dog sports, including personal protection, obedience, agility, confirmation, IPO. Kim is currently training in PSA (Protection Sports Association).


Kim has trained and handled several detection and police K9’s. Kim recently retired her operational human remains detection dog, Cooper. Cooper and Kim, successfully worked many criminal investigations, throughout the United States.

Kim began her law enforcement career with the Chicago Police Department in 2004.  As of her retirement in 2015, she was the highest decorated female patrol officer, as the first female in the history of the Chicago Police Department to receive the Carter Harrison Award for Bravery and Valor. Kim is currently a Master Texas Peace Officer in the State of Texas.


In 2015, Kim, and her husband/business partner, Pat, moved to Texas, and created Texas K9 University. Kim's love and passion, for training dogs, is evident, in each dog, she has the honor of training.

Pat Cerio

Pat is the brains behind the day to day business of Texas K9 University.
Pat has proudly served the United States for over 28 years. First, in the US Air Force, and recently, retired as a Lieutenant, from the US Department of Justice. Pat is currently continuing his law enforcement career, at a local level. 
Pat began his dog handling and training career in search and rescue. He trained and handled Halle, a wilderness air scent K9. Under the guidance of Kim, one of Pat's proudest achievements has been the training and development of K9 LulaBelle. LulaBelle is now a certified trailing K9 with the Cook County Illinois Sheriff's Police. For the past 10 years, Pat has developed his training style from many methods. He believes that locking yourself into one method, limits your potential and effectiveness, as a trainer. Each dog is an individual and your training should conform to that dogs individual needs. 
After living in may different parts of the country and the world, Pat is proud to call Texas home. 
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