Meet The Team


Certified Advanced Distractor

Spookie has been with Texas K9 University since 2019. She is an expert in teaching our students to ignore distractions and to be tolerant of cats. 

Fun fact: Spookie is trained to come, sit, beg and go to place. 


Chee-Toe is new to Texas K9 University. She is wonderfully curious and we hope she will soon be a certified distractor. 




Certified Tolerance and Confidence Builder

Regis has been with Texas K9 University since 2016. He is a patient and kind teacher. He is great at building confidence in our students.



Apprentice Distractor

Certified Yard Art

 Botas is a new instructor at Texas K9 University. He is quickly proving himself valuable in teaching impulse control and personal space to our young students.


Cooper has been with TxK9U since 2010. He is Kim's retired, nationally certified, Human Remains Detection Dog. He is our best puppy raiser, client greeter, and buddy to all our guests. 



Retired Human Remains Detection K9

Certified Advanced Puppy Raiser

Certified Expert Distractor

Lucky is one of our best teachers. She is patient and understanding, with those dogs with little or inappropriate cat interactions.